Sunday, May 29, 2011

Waiting For The Perfect Moment

I've come to the realization that I have to stop waiting for things before I do something. One, because if I keep on waiting I'll accomplish nothing or accomplish it too late and two, because it's just an excuse to procrastinate.
Here I am, borrowing my sister's laptop ( you know why ) on my room typing this. I have to force myself to learn to do things even if some of my expectations and plans aren't met yet. I read this quote once, I forgot how it went but the main idea was this: Do what you got to do now because the day when "everything is perfect" will never come.
Isn't that the case for most of us? We want to do things or things to happen, but we sit and do nothing about it. Instead we set a standard on when it should happen, most of the time, it's when "everything is perfect".
You want to go swimming with friends, but you won't. You'll wait when you finally get rid of that belly.
You want to wear that amazing dress, but you won't. You'll wait for that person or group of persons you'll wear it with.
You want to learn how to bake, but you won't. You'll wait when you already have that oven you've been saving for.
You want that job, but you won't take a step towards it. You'll wait for your friends to apply for a job too.
I want to start my business and blog and be a nurse, but I won't do any of that because I am waiting for the day when everything is perfect.

And months has passed.

We are always waiting for things. Even the smallest of things. Even for the mundane plans and chores.
We put standards and requirements and pre-requisites just to do the simplest tasks, to clean the kitchen, to buy a candle, to change plates, to drink wine, to throw away clothes or to accept happiness.
"I'll finally be happy when this happens, when I have this, when I am at this place" Sounds familiar?

There are deeper things in life that I can think of when in comes to this topic, and you know them too.
But let me just get back to what really put this idea to my mind. My mundane plans and chores.
My so-called "business" and my training/job and my true love. Small things to you, crucial crumbs to me.

I've applied for a bank account already and just waiting for my card. For my paypal and for my cash to roll in and for my netbook to finally land on my table. But change of plans. I am looking into ditching the netbook plan and going for the blogpress app instead. It has everything I need for blogging. Okay not everything but the most essential ones. And for the labels, well I'll just have to suck it up and share laptop with my sister :)
And for the job, next week would be it - with or without company. You see, these are very superficial things but for me these are challenges I imposed upon myself. And so, the listing and scratching out of things to be done starts now.

And for my happiness, have I found it? Let's talk about that on another blog post shall we? :)

A view from where I am sitting right now.

Reese's and lot's of Kisses,
Cherry F.

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