Monday, May 23, 2011

A Pile of Plans

Another day of disappointment. PC still not fixed.
Buuut enough of that.

I will just tell you a bunch of plans I made up today which I added to the humongous pile of my future plans I don't carry out.
I will open my EON account to activate my paypal. Tutes will follow - *clink* another plan to the pile ;) My paypal I think has 2k? Not bad for a beginner I suppose. After all, I get payed for something I love to do :)
After I get verified I'll buy some domains and open up my official website. Haha! Sounds serious huh? Maybe I'd ditch being a nurse and sit on my butt forever after all? Heh.

After those three steps, I'll update you on the next ones. Of course, after I've done those, I'll fill my blog with things that are useful for a change and do some linking and advertisement. I hope It won't take longer than a week - which I doubt -_-
And Oh! I forgot, I want to buy my own laptop from my own savings. I'm actually making that as my motivation. Just a small netbook would suffice. I'd say 6 months?
Meh. Who am I kidding?
If I would apply at a call center I'd probably get it sooner :) Later, I will make my official netbook jar :) Will post pictures of it (probably).

I am still debating on what language to use here though? English for tutorials and Filipino for heartfelt ones is what I am thinking. But I don't know. Would still decide on that.

What else.
Oh, have I told you that my mama is here? Yep.
And! My glasses are back. My new pair of glasses arrived yesterday. And here I am looking like a geek again :) The only difference now from before is that I am determined to get rid of my eyeglasses once and for all so I am challenging myself to wear it everyday and everywhere. "Everywhere" is the hard part though :)

And because of my post before this, the "a picture on every post", here's a picture of me trying to look cute with my glasses on:

A Girl


Reese's and Kisses :)

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