Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lazy Day

My sister and I had been cleaning the house for days now. Everything's out of place because our house was repainted. And yeah, my internet and cable connection still hasn't been installed yet and my to-do list is cursing me for letting them sleep for months now. I really wanted to do them but I have an ugly characteristic of procrastinating. Darn.

My mama's arriving here in the Philippines in 5 days. We, we, we so excited!;) She goes home every two years and we'll spend summer together with our family this month. Our family is not the touchy-feely type so I look forward to out of towns every summer. And to add to that, I am also excited because in  days I will be seeing my mansanas! Mansanas is the tagalog word for apple ;) EEEP!:)
I've never been the buy-me-this-buy-me-that even as I kid and I don't mind not having the latest gadgets, clothes and what-not so when mama told me she bought me and my sister apples I was so glad! Five days to go!:D

For three days now my sister and I have been sleeping here in the living room. We opened the ac on high cool and never turned it off (oh, our electric bill), dragged our beds out here in front of the TV and do movie marathons at (mid)night. Today was funny because we planned the day for putting away stuffs and organizing things but ended up waking at 10am, eating brunch for an hour in front of the TV. We cleaned for about three hours, dragged our bed out here in the living room and took a nap. We woke up after an hour and made some pancakes, cleaned for an hour and decided to put our beds out here again and waste the day away watching movies. I believe it's the cold air making me sleepy - besides laziness.

Another thing. Our new bed foams. Gah! It's been killing me. Every morning I wake up with sore back and shoulders. You know how foams are, they get soft with use. BUT mine's still stiff while my sister's already getting to the soft part. I let her sleep on mine today because she's heavier than me and make the process faster :D

Oh I missed blogging. I hate that my computer is still broken because I hate blogging from another person's computer >:( Speaking about something I hate. I hate banana chips and banana cake and dried mangoes. Haha :) That was random. My sister's eating banana chips that's why.

Off to eat dinner! Yeah my time's off. I wake up, eat and sleep on my own time - for now :)
Speaking of eating! I'm gonna be eating adobo tonight. My favorite! Especially the one that's too well done, the soy sauce is almost dry. Yeaaah!
Off to eat. See yah! ( next week? )

Reese's and Kisses.

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