Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogpress app! Now You Can Blog On The Go

And here it is ladies and gentlemen! My newly installed blogpress to pacify my blogging addiction. Yey! I am writing on landscape mode right now and it is easier than ever! Oh you can't imagine how happy I am :) Okay let me see if I could insert a photo.

Yesiree! There it is!:) When inserting photos, you can choose whether to insert it from your phone's library or take a photo. NOTE: The photo I used is a vertical view of blogpress because 1. My screenshot can only be activated using my statusbar, which is hidden on the horizontal view and 2. Sadly, there is no menu that enables you to post picutre on the horizontal view.

I am not sure what version of Blogpress I am running but here are some screenshots

You can have basic formatting of your text.

You can have multiple accounts, save photos to your picasa album, add a youtube account for your movies (haven't tried it yet) and change font sizes. You can enable location posting And you can also tweak the sizes of the photos you insert and their location on your post.

You can see posts your online and locally saved post on the drafts and the existing
ones from your blog - which you can both edit or delete as you please.

Upon saving you are given 7 options, each self explanatory.

There are still a lot of improvements that I could think of like hyperlinks or better navigation in horizontal view to name a few. But this is absolutely better than none. I highly highly suggest you get this app. I can definitely say that I'm a happy puppy right now and if you ask me, the only thing I can ask for right now is... spellcheck. Lol ;)
Again, Blogpress app - my newest best friend :)

Reese's, Dark Hershys and Kisses,
Cherry F.

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