Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Bedrooms for Old Roomies

Today, I can officially say that we are DONE.
We are done moving our things around the house and into our new set of rooms.
My sister and I shared rooms since we were kids. Actually, I haven't had a room of my own since she was 9 if I remember correctly. We always sleep beside each other on our king sized bed. It's really not a big thing for me because here in the Philippines, most of the time siblings share one bedroom because there are other important things besides spending hard earned money to build individual rooms just for privacy.
It's really a good thing actually because my sister and I had solidified a bond because of it. Every night, we talk about a lot of things, big and small, about our daily experiences. Some of these nights, we talk about problems and secrets and secret problems. We won't learn so much about each other had we not shared a room like that.

I think, sharing a room with your sibling/s is the solution to sibling rivalries we see sometimes.  They should have been given a chance to bond. To just lie down and talk and learn about and from each other. I think it would also be a solution for teens suffering depression. Sometimes, it happens when kids and teens alike don't have anybody to share themselves with. When there's nobody to listen to their stories about their friends, school and thoughts and there's nobody to guide or enlighten them about the things they don't understand yet or the small things they oversaw.

But anyway, there are also positive things about us having rooms for ourselves. For instance, privacy. It is important especially for teens - for my sister whose 14 now. Privacy is a big thing for them. It's important to give them space for themselves. Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers out there, please give them a break and stop sticking your nose on their business. Around these times, friends are the center of their lives. And that is normal.

We can only hope that they have a good set of friends to start with. If they do have good friends, then they're good to go. Another positive thing about having separate rooms is responsibility. When you have a room for yourself, you feel obliged to clean it and make it look nice. You feel the need to arrange things around you because you know that these things are yours and there's nobody else who would do it for you, unlike before when you can leave the bed undone because the other one can fix it. And last important thing we got from having separate rooms is that it could harness your creativity, style and personality. My sister is the poster kind of girl and she likes to display her skateboard and volleyball around. I, on the other hand is the obsessive compulsive one so I don't really dig posters on my walls or things randomly scattered around. It might be because of our age or might be our personality, either way, my sister wasn't able to do her style to our room before. I am the first born so, basically, I must be obeyed. Kidding!☺

So there it is folks! After two months of wait, we finally got our rooms for ourselves. Here they are:

My sister's room
My room
That's all I can share for now. A sneak peek of our haven ☺
A separate post would be done solely about the rooms, before and after shot, colors, and designs.

Till we meet again!

Reese's and Kisses,
Cherry F.

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