Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Glee Episode

I’m not an avid fan of glee. I just watch every time I see it when I flip channels. Anyway, in tonight’s episode Finn and Rachel had a fight. Apparently, Finn and Santana had a thing before that Rachel had no knowledge of. Well, Rachel was dating another guy that time, so technically he did not cheat on her. Things went on and in the end, they decided to make up. When everything was going fine, Rachel decided to reveal something. The time they were fighting, Rachel tried to get back at him by hooking up with Puck - which didn’t work because Puck backed out while they were making out. And so, Finn devastated as he is, broke up with her.

I was beating myself up as to why on earth does she have to tell him that and ruin everything? Nothing happened right?
Then I realized something. Before, when I was still in a relationship, I too cannot lie. I really can’t physically and literally lie. I tell the other party whatever it is even it would start a war. It’s also a contributing factor why I am such a good girl :) I don’t make stupid things with other people I shouldn’t be doing stupid things with, because I know in the end, If I did, I will end up confessing whatever it is that I’ve done. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it’s just a personal thing. Because I don’t want to be lied to, I don’t do it to others. And because I am afraid of karma. And because I’m a blunt person. And because I believe that trust it is a foundation to any relationship, And because I think that if a person have the guts to do something awful, he must have the guts to face it’s consequences.

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