Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bathroom Cleaning Day

I am exhausted. I cleaned our bathroom for hours today! Not just any cleaning. I mean clean-clean, really scrubbed every corner of it. Right now, I feel that all the grit transferred to me. I feel so sticky -_-
I kept on thinking that the last time I did this extensive type of cleaning was when I was heartbroken years ago. Oh yeah, I am that lazy when it comes to cleaning. Especially when there's someone else that could do it besides me ☺ But when a burst of energy comes, like today, boy I could clean up to our roof!
Anyway, I should have been talking a bath by now! It's SO hot here in the Philippines right now and usually, I prefer taking baths after physically stressing myself (What? Why am I even telling you this??), instead of resting first like what my grandma says. But then again I wanted to blog, so rest it is. But darn, the TV is distracting me so whatever I wrote before this sentence actually has made no sense ☺ Eh. Fvck.

Out out out I go.
See yah soon - when my brain's already working.

Reese's and Kisses.
Cherry F.

Ugh. I want some Reese's ice cream.

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