Monday, November 15, 2010

The Day My Body Got It's Revenge

I hate it here! :(
My sister, visiting me.
Today, I just got home from the hospital. I got confined there for three days and two nights due to dehydration due to constant vomiting. It must’ve been because of the meds I was taking for another unrelated thing. Anyway, everything I do makes me sick last week. If I stay too long on the computer it makes me sick, If I watch TV too much, If I lie down too much, it makes me sick. Even the taste of water makes me sick! And so there, hospital time for me. I’ve never been hospitalized before and it was my first time to receive IV therapy (dextrose). Though they have to punch me three times because my veins keep on collapsing, it was okay. It was painful god! But in the end, I was just glad they got it on the third try and got it over with. But dear god, I hated it there! I hate being confined T_T Doesn’t everybody? It’s so boring in there. And it is depressing me . Though relatives visit me and bring me fruits, it was still all depressing. Now I get to see the life on the shoe of a patient. All I kept thinking was 2 more IV bottles to go..1 more IV bottle to go!! But then my doctor has to come and burst my bubble, adding another TWO bottles of IV. So I have to stay another day :( It was awful!:( All I did all day was eat and sleep and eat and sleep and get paranoid of whatever the nurses are putting through my IV. I kept thinking they’d accidentally push potassium on my vein which would cause me instant death. But of course I was just being paranoid :P Of all the medicines I got, I liked Benadryll the best. The moment the nurse injected the small dose of medicine through my IV tubing, I felt high. Haha :) It was so cool. I was so weak I can’t even speak clearly or move my hands at will. At first I didn’t know what she gave me. All I felt was burning pain coursing through my veins! I instantly felt cold and weak - hence my paranoia. But I deduced that it was just Benadryll to help me sleep, and So I drifted off to never never land swiftly after convincing myself that it was okay to sleep and stop fighting with it :P Another thing I liked the best was this nurse, she was so good. Every time she gives me medicine, she gently caresses my skin. Even if the drug is not painful in any way, she still does it. It helps me relax and it was really just a very nice gesture. Something I would definitely not forget when the time comes. Besides sleeping and eating all I could think of was tumblr. I wanted to blog but there was no internet connection-and my grandmother hated my laptop (the cause of all sickness according to her). So I only am sneaking as I do this blog entry ;P I have to take my rest now that I think of it. I need to regain my strength. And after I am completely recovered, some lifestyle change yet again is going to take place. Because I did learn my lesson. Other than the hospital bill and the pain and discomfort I experienced during my 3-day hospital stay, the boredom and depression topped it off, and so now, I will do my best never ever to be hospitalized again. Hope I would get well soon. I hope you guys would also learn this lesson with me. Stop taking advantage of yourself. Tumblr will never go away, grab sleep as much as you can and eat at the right time. Take care of your health okay guys? See you all soon. Off to bed for me ;) Goodnight!

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