Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Hundreth (and last) Post ☺

Hi, reader. ☺

           I don't know how you've made it here, but I'm glad :D Unfortunately, I've already closed this book of mine, and I'm already staying at tumblr. Now, Tumblr already houses my blogs, you can see it here. (www.cerrise.tumblr.com)
But please, feel free to browse my works here, some of them are really good because I wrote them with all my heart. I do hope you enjoy your little trip down my memory lane and I hope you've picked up some lessons while you're at it. ☺
Someday, I am going to publish my stuff, but till then, I hope my posts would reach a lot of people, because more than I enjoy writing them, I enjoy people reading them, getting inspirations through them, having hope through them and having fun through them. I hope I could spread some love on your life.
Sincerely Yours,
   Cherry F.


[4/15/11] UPDATE: Guess who's back.☺

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