Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Summer's Snow

You arrived like a snow on a summer’s day
Filled me with light and gave me feathers

I reckon you are an angel
An angel sent by the heavens
This invisible force field you gave
Still confusing yet I'm taking

And if all worries are colors
I was black, now I’m shielding

One touch and I shall turn into gold
One kiss I’ll be frozen
One look I’ll be an Ice
One smile, a rock, molten

This warrior is awaken,
Ready for the war again
I’ve fought this before
Touch me once and I’ll be a rebel

There's no hurry for this journey
Let's reveal the path
Caress the feelings
Let go of all wraths

If you see that I'm still bleeding
Then look me in the eyes
All my wounds shall zip in an instant
All colors afloat in the ocean

The rebirth of the phoenix took place here
When your sound rang in my ear
An unknown paradise shall be opened
And I shall be the pioneer

I know I have seen you before
On the bridge above the kingdom of prep
In river the sirens waited
But it was not the right time, it was wasted

This time again we will pass each other
Recognize the way I walk
Your same smile I will look after
Rose petals in a row

Hear this song and decipher it
Its hidden messages abundant
Know that it’s not for her
This time a new war is in order
By: Cherry F.

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