Sunday, July 19, 2009

I can't define Love.

 Love doesn't mean that you'll never give up.
Love means that you can let someone go while you're still loving.

Love doesn't mean you have to stick together all the time.
Love means that you have to grow together BUT also grow as individuals.

Love doesn't mean that I have to be your life.
Love means that I will be a part of your life, not be all of it.

Love doesn't mean that you don't have to argue.
Love means that you can argue, but still choose to compromise.

Love doesn't mean that I should complete you.
Love starts when you are already complete on the first place.

Love doesn't mean permanence.
Love means acceptance after a change.

Love doesn't ask why about you.
Love says "in spite of"

Love is not the beginning of the relationship.
Love grows with it.

Love is not selfish.
Love doesn't set boundaries.

Love doesn't need to be proven.
Love is the proof in itself.

Love doesn't forget.
Love forgives.

Love doesn't accept.
Love understands.

Love cannot be taught
Love can only be learned.

Love has no room for doubts.
Love can only have trust.

Love is not the answer.
Love is just the clue.

I can't define love.
We define love.


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