Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Most Important Blog I Have Ever Written

I opened my blog and I wanted to write something, but I end up erasing the sentences I've just written, because, I do not know what to write about. I'm tired of writing about my feelings. because. I'm simply tired. And I pity myself for doing this to me. I have always thought that I'm weak. And now I am learning, that I am not. When I want something, I don't stop until I get it.
Life is short, believe me. So what I do, is make myself happy. And I know what makes me happy. That is why I do not want to lose something that makes me smile, because I'm afraid that I might die tomorrow, and I want to die happy :) Don't freak out, this is not a "paramdam" not a "goodbye message". I'm just saying it is all. I won't die okay?? :D I have learned a lot lately. I won't enumerate. These things I learned are the things I will never learn if things were different or should I say, If the things stayed the same. I wanted to share to you this little prayer that I always pray when I'm blinded with problems.
Feel free to pray with me..

Dear God, I know that you have plans for me, I may not know what it's all about now, I know that in time I will. Please let me get through this, please give me strenght to keep holding on to my faith. Please give me a heart that does no worry for tomorrow, a heart that is strong, a heart that can wait, and heart that does not question. Please make me see the things you want me to learn. I'm sorry for the times that I question you. I know you will guide me through this. Shed me some light lord, for I do not know what else to see. Take care of me. I am not proud, and I do need you. Thank you for not leaving my side. I know that when I cry you are beside me. I know that when I talk to you, you listen. I never doubted your presence. Thank you for giving me this challenge, and I pray that I will not fail you.
I offer you my life, your will be done.

Im not a religous person. I don't even go to church on Sundays. Me and God have our own understanding. I belive that you don't have to go to a place just to reach him. I have faith in him alone. I can reach him anywhere I am. just like a 24/7 hotline. I can talk to him not only on churches, not only at 8pm, not only when we are many. I can reach him even it's only me, even inside a bathroom, even at 12midnight. If you are reading this, I hope that I have shed a special piece. I do not know what else to write about, so here.
Di ako magmamadre okay? :P I just feel that someone outhere needs something, and I hope, that someone outhere that do needs help read this single blog. I am not the help. I'm just a messenger :)

Now I know why all of a sudden I wanted to write something :)

Good Day to all,
Wait for the miracle.


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  1. hi cherry, this is me, "krxxxa" from tumblr :)
    i really got teary eyed while reading your prayer...they're actually same as what i've been praying for for months now. :) i guess, we're in the same situation..and like you, i dont go to mass every sunday..i also believed that a prayer is more powerful when you talk to Him personally, whenever, wherever..yes, God hear us..i believe everything shall pass..maybe He just wants to prepare us for the brighter days that is yet to come :)

    (this is the first link i read, ill read the others after :p) thank you nga pala for sending me a msg..i appreciate it :)


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