Friday, April 24, 2009

Sealed Print

We can never deny that once in our life, we stop and think about our mission in life, the reasons for our existence. These missions in life are just compilations of the smaller pictures. It's the sum of the micro things we should do. I for one, believe that we are here because we have something to do. A single thing we need "to do with", "to do to" and "to do for". It may be for yourself, or for every single person you know and about to know in the future.

Of course we are not born with any idea about what those are. The reason is, we do not need to know them, because of course, we would know them when the right time comes. It could be a long term goal. like for example, the blueprints you could pass on to your siblings. It could also be a short term goal like a single statement of advice to your friend, which could change her life forever. And so the ball rolls on and on.

These things, does not always end with a happy ending. not always positive. not always giving.
These things can also sacrifice you just for the sake of the thing that you should accomplish. These things can make you negative towards others. There are plans we do not know yet, plans we have no capability of storing in our brains. These things can make you the receiver. Because these things are interlaced with others' and they
bleed into each other.

My realizations right now, tells me everything,. yet nothing.
One thing for sure is that,
I am now not thinking about what my mission is.
Not when the right time is.
Not if I will or I will not accomplish it.
The question is, What lies after that accomplished mission?

You've made your necessary mark to your friend, to your family,
to yourself and to your love.
That single print we have to left behind is done and sealed.
What is next?
What is there left to do?

Makes you think huh?


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