Monday, March 2, 2009

Last 3 weeks?!

So, I've been busy for a while. A lot of things going on around me, as if I'm in a middle of a hurricane and all I can do is watch everything else tumble and turn around me :D
A lot of changes too, a lot.. I've been sick also, for a week. My clinical duties are over, this would be my last duty. No more big allowances :D Anyway, it took a while before it sank in. This is my last three weeks as a third year student. what????


Time flies so fast. Yep.. So here I am, waiting for our revalida and compre :| And then after that some completions for the summer, and then, fourth year, here I come!!!:D
How's that for fast?
Wow, super.

I'm actually freaking out as I think about it right now. And then what? after I passed the board exam (assuming :D CROSS FINGERS!!!) I will work as a call center agent!..of course not!! because even the call centers are bursting with nurses, even they, won't hire us anymore :D
My CI told us a while ago that we could work as a bank teller when we have no where else to go :) I'm like, huh?? why on earth am I here?? Did I actually teared blood so that in the end i can push myself anywhere I could fit myself into? Somewhere I don't even belong?! haha :) Then I remembered that I have no single right to be choosy :D

I remembered the bumper sticker i saw on a car last week:
"God loves you.. But I'm His favorite"

Haha :D "Bahala na si Bro!"

Anyway, I still have lots of work to do, I have to do my CHD report, study my health teaching for tomorrow, procrastinate, eat and procrastinate some more :D arg.

I can't wait to get out of school and start working!
(As I finished typing that I got the chills. Something tells me I'm going to take that sentence back in the near future..)

Oh well,

As I end this blog, A thought passed through me..
There is a saying that "Life is short so get the most out of it"
What do they exactly mean when they say "The most". So, what is "The most" for me?

How can I get the most out of my life......??

Let's see what I come up with next time :D


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