Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What is more Dominating? Heart or Brain?

I was supposed to be doing my assignment.
But I can't concentrate.
I keep on telling my self.
"Mind over matter, mind over matter! dam%it!"
But no. really.
I can't concentrate
And this is all because
of this stupid thing called "LOVE"
I hate it.
Love is not the partner of hate.
Love is the partner of hurt
We all know that. true love hurts..blah blah..
Going back, which is more dominating heart or brain.
I asked my 12 year old sister last night
"Pano mo mllman kung tama ang ginagawa mo?"
"How will you know if you have done the right thing?"
She said:
"Kung yun ang galing sa puso mo, yun ang tama"
"If it came from your heart, It's right"
So, that means that Heart dominates over the brain?
You THINK, you have done the right thing, but it FEELS so wrong
means it IS wrong.

I am wrong.
Am I wrong?

It's hard to work when you are preoccupied with something else.
Even if you concentrate hard enough that you can bend a spoon.
The more you keep you brain in a single direction the more it flies away.
A single sound, A single thing, A single word reminds you of your heart.
Aching there inside your left chest.
Reminding you, "Hey! I'm still here! feel me!"

I hate this feeling. Especially when It's my fault.

I remember the book that I read.
Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom,
Morrie said: "Detach yourself"
He meant, feel the feeling, then let go.
If you're grieving, grief.
If your happy, rejoice.
Then, let go. tell yourself. I felt grief, I felt joy, There are still lots of emotions out there and I'm going to experience them all.

Easier said than done.
Mind over matter.
Mind over matter dam%it!

You know what's the best remedy for a broken heart?
Cry it all out.
When you think you have cried all your brains out,
You will feel that certain release.
You are done crying.

What if you can't cry.
The emotions bottled up inside you.
You can't even have the opportunity to let it all out.

That su@ks a lot.
really. It does. And I hate it.

I need to go now.
Before I use up all my brain left.

"LOVE, is the sweetest form of SUICIDE"


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