Friday, January 2, 2009

Net's Crazy

Wow, First of, Happy New Year!:) How's the party? still got 10 fingers I hope. Well, I hope you can take the additional new year pounds you got quick. As for me, I was able to stay away from the table! whew!:) Anyway, The bad news is, I lost 3 days of my challenge since my internet connection got crazy. And so, I have to make up for all the 3 challenges tomorrow! wow, I hope I can still walk straight after tomorrow :)
What else? well, during two days without internet, All I ever did was read. I on my fave author right now, An old book I got, Different Seasons by Stephen King. It was good, No, It was great!:) Can't even put it down so i could eat. Anyhow! even if I want to say more, It all slipped my mind now, I don't know if it's because I'm also watching or because it's already 11:30 on my watch. Either, I 'm going now and I'll just update you tomorrow! really really got to go!:)


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