Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Energy People!

Whew, At last, a rest day! It is only the first week after Christmas break, but the school works pulled us again as fast as it can into the confusing warp of studies. The pressure and tire are settling in again, and all it took was TWO DAYS. Wow, unbelievable. All the assignments and Quizzes and Exams already drained the best of me. It should be my duty day today. weee!: ) It was moved. I'm supposed to be in bulacan today, from 7 am to 7 pm. This is why I'm making my day last, because after today, The war goes on again. Yes, It's like a war for me, 4 days of war. If i come prepared or not it's up to me, would I bring a dagger? A shot gun? a machine gun perhaps? whatever works. But for now, no worrying yet, It's my rest day and I deserve it. Oh, which brings me to the 30 day challenge test, of which I already predicted right from the start that It would come to a halt when school days comes again. And so, it's official, I failed the test. Hmp. So sad. Anyway, I had learned a lot from it. YES. really! I learned how to control what and how much I eat. I learned how to stretch and lift weights and yoga and pilates. I learned to meditate, 5 min. of peace do make a lot of difference. I learned when to worry and what to worry and how to worry about it. All in all, What I lost is not less than what I learned. Wow, so what's next? I have to go now, because I will watch House online. now this is life :D


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