Friday, January 23, 2009

Chaos is My Middle Name

So here I am again. I am actually organizing my files. I uploaded and deleted some music. Deleted some Videos. Deleted some files. Organized some pictures. Etc.
I was trying to put eeeverything in one folder so I can find everything in one place. I tried to copy them to my usb just to be safe, and to a CD just to be safer :)

I wanted everything to be in place. The problem is, I want them to be in place all at once. That's when I discovered that I cannot do something and finish it before doing something else. It's like I'm doing everything all at once and not finishing anything at all. This is not new to me and I've heard it before: from my grandma :) Is chaos really my middle name?
Is it fine? Yeah, maybe nothing is wrong with that for my loving grandma, since her chores are never ending :D
But for me no..!:) I can't. One of the things that my course taught me (and expects me to be!), is to be time efficient and time conserving. I can still remember the never ending ways to do things in order to "Save Time and Effort".
How oh how have I missed that part?? I can't help it! my eyes shifts into something else and I start working on that and on it goes, only to realize that I'm already going in circles and I'm starting to get caught in a big headache. whew.
Really, I have a headache as I type this :)
Funny how I tend to update my blog everytime something happens to me :D even in the middle of something else.:)
Oh men.
Without knowing it, I again engaged myself into something else!:)
I really have to this right.
I have to fight the urge to do something else before I finish the thing that I'm supposed to do!:)
I promise!



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