Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Turning Point

There are things in life where in everything just stops, turn upsidedown, inside out, soar up, collapse down and all of every imaginable and unimaginable change possible. What happened?

There are so-called "Turning Point" these are the small things or even big things in life that made a change. You can see them, sometimes you can't, and sometimes you just don't care.

We, the people of the world are sometimes, (or always) resistance to change. Yes. we are. So resistant that sometimes, we push it on the back of our minds, and in exchange, we think that change will never ever happen. No, not to us. Everybody can experience the change. Just not us. Everything we have today will still be there when we wake up tomorrow. The person that you had breakfast with today, The person that tucks you in at night, The person that you just called your friend. Even your little pet that you had spoiled too much, and even the material things that you have right now. Every single morning when you wake up, they are still there.

But no, There is no such thing. That something you care so much for right now won't be there forever. There is where the turning point enters. You can think about anybody or anything as you read this. You can think about death, Or you can think of a little milder scenario, like, just went away, lost, or left you. I would think of a person, and the scenario, got tired.

There is this one person that I care about most. this person is the person whom i can say "I can die for" literally die for. There comes a time in a person's life where all the things that you want for yourself goes down to number two. Number one would be that person's. There comes a time in a person's life when he or she can breath a contented breath. Smile to world and say, "I have everything I could ever ask for right now". He or she might even get scared to be too happy, because everyone knows what too much happiness brings next. Then there comes a time when something happens. This love had the world. It was so strong not a thing can pull it apart, not even a scar, not even a itsy bitsy dot. Then you grew apart. You knew, but you were too busy, or maybe to trusting to care. this was the turning point of things. It branched out into something else, then to something else, then to something else, to the point that you do not even know where it started anymore. You think nothing will change, nothing would. ever, So you ignored it and moved on,. But a change is a change and when a situation started from that change, it is already running in a different path. The thing is, sometimes you see these things, It's already under your nose. But you shoo it away. And in the end, we suffer. We get broken, We get crashed, we get practically pulverized. Whose to blame?

The turning point is not a big tragedy. In my example it is. But of course, It could also be a great thing, which we neglected. These things in life are unavoidable. these are not great leaps, these are small things actually, "The smallest things are the ones that matter, The most important things are the ones we tend to forget" These happens right now. Every single second that we right our history we encounter these, No these are not great things that needs to be decided upon. These are small everyday things. I myself has neglected a lot of turning points already. The ones that I was not aware of and the ones that I knew was coming. It was just a matter of choice. Do we or do we not?
If you don't understand what I am talking about right now, take heed. If you do, congratulations, but still good luck.

One thing I want to get across to everyone is this: remember, please remember, These LITTLE turning points are scattered everywhere and are always there, IT IS just a matter of choice. and once a change had already happened, the
situation started from that change, is already running in a different path.

- paalam, till next time.
- CF

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