Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet My Pets

This is my very beloved baby..
Her name was Tami, and she was a lhasa apso.
Yes, she was a very cute dog.
She was 1 year old when she died.
I still feel sad whenever I remember her.
Tami was a valentine gift from my hunnie..She was very energetic when I first saw her even though she had a cold back then. I remember her running around and everybody was looking at us. It was valentines day then and every girl walking around my school was holding different kinds of flowers back then, And with a mixture of jealousy and awe, they were looking at us.
Tami was my life. I remember her running at the park playing with me. She was trying to catch me and I was trying to run away from her and climb stone benches, Her very high bark can be heard across the park whenever she can't reach me. The think that stands out the most was the fact that she doesn't want to walk with her leash. That was common to every dog, but the thing about her was, instead of behaving badly when I put on her leash, what she does is sit down quietly and not move. I remember that we were at the park that day. We were to go home that evening and I put on her her leash and she did that sitting quietly and not moving. Jen and I laughed at her. We tugged her slightly but still she wouldn't budge. At last, we removed her leash, and she stood and walked. she walked behind us. We were walking ahead of her and she was just following us. She was like a kid following her parents, walking, sniffing around, and running towards us to catch up. She was my little angel. she was very very good at following directions. She did not even chew on a single wire at our house just like I told her to. Tami responds to our calls, And her favorite game was fetch. And she really brings back the ball to me, every single time. I bathed her, feed her, combed and tied her hair and I clean after her. She died because of a certain disease. On her last months, she had developed a lot of little wounds. It started from her face, and eventually it spread all over her body. We tried to cure her at home with different wound creams. It was very itchy for her and because of that, She is creating another set of wounds from the healed ones. Her wounds would heal and another spot would develop. We would heal that spot and the previous healed ones would again open up and develop the wounds. My grandmother was the one taking care of her towards the end. She was the one who bathed her and cured her since I was always at school . We always talked about sending her to a vet and confine her there, but we know that It would cost too much. Even though she has gashes all around her body, she was still active. She runs toward that door every time somebody comes in. She still play catch with me and she still eats. The last thing I told her was "Tami, Hintay lang ha, nag iipon pa ako para sayo, hintay lang" The next day after that, my grandmother bought her to a vet. They Injected something on her and prescribed some meds and vitamins. She stopped eating then and she became worst.The next day, she died while I was at school. It was very heartbreaking if you have only seen me that day. I was crushed. She just died 2 months ago, And as for me, I'm still trying to heal. I feel sad whenever I see dogs who looked like her or dogs who do things with their owners just like us. Even if I already accepted the fact that she is now again pretty, long haired and happy with God above. Sometimes I still find myself wishing that My little baby Tami was still here.

Meet Mochico (mot-chi-ko), Our hamster pet :d
We bought her for 65 pesos, Last December 24, 2008
She is a Teddy Bear hamster(according to the vendor). Her cage was from way back last year. From another hamsters which lasted for only 5 days :D The hamsters died because of the "wet tail disease" which I had no idea what caused it. And so, here it is, mochi for short.
Mochi is a very sweet little hammie. how can I say..well, she doesn't bite. not unless your hand smells like food, I had been bitten twice already because I did not wash my hands prior to handling her. It was a lesson very well learned! :)
Anyway, Mochi is now living with us for 6 days, and luckily she's still alive! Of course, all hamsters are nocturnal , which means they sleep in the morning and are awake at nights.
We built a little playground made of boxes, with lots of ladders, boxes and tubes to play around on. We decided to buy her a bigger cage once she gets bigger. My sister and I decided that I would be the one to feed her and She would be the one to clean the cage every week. The best news I could give you for now is that, she can now respond to her name. And sometimes when she is playing in her wheel, she stops and runs towards the door everytime somebody calls her or even just stands at her door. Another news is that we already gained her trust and everytime we lay out hands inside the cage, she walks on it and she lets us hold her. She loves to eat sky flakes crackers. How cute she looks while holding that piece of cracker with both her hands while crunching on them. Mochi, mochi, mochico..
Looking forward to new adventures ahead!:

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  1. How cute your pets! :) It's a shame the puppy died. I hope you're better now.


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