Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crucial Crumbs, The Beginning

Where should I start? Okay, so..This is my first entry to my blog. Crucial Crumbs..
what's Crucial crumbs..To tell you the truth, it was hard at first to give a specific name to my blog. Yes, it could be changed later on, but picking it out fir the first time, makes you think... What does the blog contain,? what does it stand for? What name could represent me? So then and there, I thought, Life is a story. A history made every second, No drafts, No practice, No trials. Auto saved every single second. written and stored forever. So here's the thing, crumbs, are small pieces of this history that I make, small, too small to be noticed in a very big book, too insignificant to be noticed by some, It could even mean nothing. So here enters Crucial, vitality, essentialness. These small crumbs inside the big book of my life are not unimportant, they may be bits and pieces of memories and day to day experiences, but they are important. They could be what we call "The Turning Point" Which, is a separate blog :) They could be the ones that made something big exist. They are Crucial Crumbs.
So there, Don't ask what's in a name. These are my Bits, Chunks and Crumbs and They are part of every cell in me. These, I share to you.

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