Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our 78 steps to heaven adventure!

So here I am right now, struggling for memories..:) It was centuries ago since the last time i updated this..anyway..why 78 steps to heaven? here it goes..:)

I woke up at 4:30, Originally, my phone was set to 4:00 but I was too lazy to wake up then, so there.  I made my morning rituals - I took a bath, I dressed up, I put my hair up in a bun, since it was Saturday and it was my RLE Day, I ate breakfast, packed my lunch and checked everything in case I've forgotten something again. Then I was off.
I rode a jeepney to taft, and another jeepney to manila zoo, where we all assemble. A number of sections from 2nd year ahse waiting in front of their respective buses. Ours was open so I went in, placed my bag on one of the chairs, Ours is on the 3rd row, just behind our CI's, Anne, my seat mate, sits beside the window and I sit near the isle since I stand up every now and then for my announcements, but the real reason is because, according to Anne, in case of accidents +knock on wood+ the driver will save himself first, and so, the nearer we are from the driver, the better.

Anyway, I left my bag there, got my clipboard, a piece of attendance sheet, pen and went to do my job. Every RLE day, 6:40 am, I roam around the bus, shouting.." Oh, pirma na sa attendance, Checklist nio akin na, Reflection notebook, o di pa tapos? paki pass na lang sa harap ah? outputs akin na.." Then,after 11 students, including me, I'll pass everything to my CI, and same thing happens again for the next saturdays of my whole schoolyear. After everything, I'll sit beside Anne, whose already there by that time, chats for a while and text Jen for "updates..:)" An hour after all the announcements and sometimes early eating sessions, It's time for me to slumber away.....

Sometimes I'll wake up while we are still in the middle of the road, but sometimes, when I am really wasted, We already arrived in the place. That day, what happened was the latter. Oh, by the way, our location was in Alfonzo Cavite, Pob.1 Brgy. 1 The smallest community in all the adopting communities. Stories about that will come sooner or later, not now. Okay, let's focus. After a few minutes with our foster family, we went to work, this day, we did the spot map. walk there, walk here, draw, erase, draw, point, erase, draw, walk there and walk here, all day long. Anyway, to make the story short, somebody told us about a said "pool", situated on a river bank. curiosity sprang and after a few minutes, we are about to break the rules. (the rules wherein we are not to loiter around esp. when 1. there are still things to be done 2. we should be doing something else besides loitering around and 3. We are going to a place nobody else had been before. ) with that rule in mind, we went.

Eunice, Anne, Gian, Paula and I started going down the "bangin" with cemented steps the size of 2 square tiles. It was slightly drizzling then, It was dark due to the trees around us, and plants were everywhere! Have I told you yet that snakes are abundant on that very place??? anyway, after sometime, we reached the bottom, and alas, after "78" steps, we were in for the best surprise of our adopting community.

The so-called river, was merely a stream of water, which was the beauty of it. we thought it was a deep river and just a plain sight to see. but no, we were wrong. we went down the cemented stairs, careful enough not to slide down!...good thing we were with somebody else, because if it was only Eunice and I, I was sure to chicken out. (slippery+slope+dirt=trauma=no way!). There was a short hanging bridge going to the said pool, which was empty by the way, since there was a shortage in water then. The place was amazing. The trees overhang above us, plants all around us, soft gush of water and caressing winds. It was so peaceful, so perfect.
We took several pictures, some for the documentary some for friendster purposes  only..:)

After a few minutes of appreciating mother nature, we decided to go back..

We were so refreshed and we were all in high spirits as we went to our original tasks for that day. We decided to keep at secret (apparently, We just decided to boast it around ^_~ ) and planned to go back again sometime, to have a pick nick..haha..:D

If that happens, this blog post is to be continued...

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