Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Think..

Today is just another day. two more days before what all ahse students call "final judgment" or more popularly known as "Nursing Aptitude Test/Nat/Battery Test " :)
Anyway, more stress coming my way as the days pass. Maybe for others it seems nothing. No effort done. No works and all play. But maybe, just maybe, they have not seen yet the weight of the works to be done. My To-Do list keeps getting longer, I just wish, Night time would be looonggerrrr... so I can catch up with my sleep. :( Last semester I was used to the long sleepless nights where in after a week of chaos, you just can't wait for Sunday to come and crawl back to you bed and sleep forever, This semester was a lot different than that, I cannot stay past 2 anymore! yes, what a shame... And see, I still find time to visit friendster, haha..:) And after this, I'll start to cram over the things to be done yet..:)

Today, I have learned a very important lesson. "Balance".
You can neither be too "bad" nor too "good". why? because people around you would start to feel too comfortable. What I mean by this is they would learn to be lazy and start to abuse you. If you get too strict they despise you, too loose they exploit you. where would you stand? of course you know where, maybe you are just afraid to be too much of a bossy. yup. that was the problem i had realized just a while ago.
I have this characteristic, maybe some can see it as a good trait, some may not. I'm with the latter. I'm talking about being passive. being too passive I suppose."sure, sige, okay lang, ayos lang, sige ako na lang, ako na bahala" words from hell If used to often, I tell you. Some see me as too quiet, too good natured. That is about to change. NO, I did not say "that is about to become the opposite". I just said change. balance I repeat. While we're at it, I also have another negative trait. :) being too muted. I sometimes do not say what I think or feel. I sometimes do not express it. lots of factors for that, maybe I'm shy to voice out my opinions, too careful not to hurt others' feelings, and again, too passive. That too, is about to change. Saying what's on your mind for the betterment of the situation is not a sin right? Maybe one of these days I can learn how to be an opinionated person-verbally opinionated that is. Maybe I can finally learn how to say hurtful truths, in a tactful way of course.
Anyway,. Enough about me.
2 days to go,..

Anyway, before I go back to my research assignment, I just want to share the words of wisdom from my former CI. I can never forget what she said.

"A Nurse is someone who has a critical thinking, skillful hands and a loving heart.."

yes! TLC girl..tender love and care..:P If given a chance, I think I can be a great nurse..haha..:D


"Mag dilang anghel sana ako"

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